Current technology

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CYMA & Colony A.I.


A core component of every Colony is the Colony Matrix (CYMA). CYMA is the underpinning of all Obeslisk functions, and helps keep all Colonies interconnected.

Once a new biome has been sufficiently stabilized, the resident Colony A.I. is booted up and the second phase of Colonization begins. A select group of humans are brought in to help establish the Colony; building settlements, taming the wilderness, and facing any inherent dangers. If they manage to establish a sufficient survival rating, the obelisks are opened for full interstellar travel. 

In addition to travel, RIXIS also helps maintain the transfer of resources and information between the Colonies and their Origin Planets - sending and receiving unmanned shuttled that hurtle through space; filled with valuable resources and technology. It's not known how RIXIS communicates so rapidly with distant worlds and obelisks. Rumor has it she's shown some kind of advanced hive mind technology, though it's mostly pure speculation.  

usage in-game

  • CYMA is the backing for all Galaxy/Obelisk functions.

  • Colony A.I.s can be used to spawn items, wildlife, and facilitate travel between Colonies.

  • Disabling an A.I. would shut down all travel & refabrications until it can be brought back online.