The Universe - 2781 A.D.

I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness because it shows me the stars.
— Og Mandino

the great expansion

The Obelisks brought humanity to the stars. Nearly 600 years ago, they were sent out into space as our final hope. And while humanity hurtled Earth towards its own extinction, the Obelisks were preparing for life on new planets light years away.

They were sent in groups of 3 to distant planets within our solar system; each laying the foundations for the first Origin Civilizations in the new age. After travelling the void for centuries, the Obelisks touched down on their target destinations and began fulfilling their true purpose: helping humanity colonize the stars.

Over the next several decades, the Obelisks began to terraform small, contained biomes on their host planets and seeding their fledgling ecosystems with a careful mix of flora and fauna primed for human settlement.  Outside the biomes, the planets were wracked with violent storms as the Obelisks slowly churned the atmosphere into something capable of sustaining human life.

By the end of the century, the obelisks had slowly transformed those 3 initial colonies into planets fully capable of supporting humanity for millenia to come. These planets, along with Earth, eventually came to be known as the four Origin Planets of humanity - establishing diverse cultures with vast, sprawling megacities that spread across the landscape.

The Origin Planets



Post-apocalyptic. Society has crumbled and corruption runs rampant. Home to Blackstone - a city-sized prison for criminals across the galaxy.

Many Earth citizens hope for a better life in Colonies - which many Seed Corporations take advantage of; often establishing haphazard Colonies in dangerous, resource-rich space.

Tau Ceti e

Idyllic, technology-heavy and environmentally conscious. Seed planet for the balanced ecosystem used to establish many Colonies in the system. They are the leaders in genetic research, focusing on sustaining Biome wildlife.

Many farmers, scientists, and ranchers hail from Tau Ceti e

Kapetyn b

Unforgiving ice planet with dense, underground cities. Kapetyn b civilization bears strong ties to the Nordic tribes of old, with strong moral & religious convictions & many feuding corporations.

This mineral-rich planet provides most advancements in building & weaponry.

Many builders, manufacturers, and Colony Law recruits come from Kapetyn b

wolf 1061c

Due to its fixed orbit, Wolf 1061c only has a narrow band that supports human life. As a result, the planet is highly dependent on outside resources and cities are packed into dense, towering biomes. Corporation warfare is rampant, and is home to the famed Casino monolith: The Royal Astra.

Smugglers and businessmen alike emerge from the underbelly of Wolf 1061c

The Colonies

As civilization spread, the desire for new Colonies wasn't far behind. Some of the biggest governments and corporations raced to establish a greater foothold in the universe - often sending out small, ill-equipped colonists to lay claim to a planet on the Verge.

Some Colony biomes were more successful than others. Those that survived may have established a peaceful, idyllic existence at the edge of known space, while others were fraught with conflict. Due to the dangers of refabrication, many of them were relatively isolated from their Origin Planets; developing their own distinct cultures and technology. It's not currently known how many Colonies have been lost.

Playable Colonies

(more planned for future seasons)

  • TRAPPIST 1g - Aquarius Constellation (Island Map) - Season 1

Planetary Travel

Travel through the Cosmos is possible by way of the Obelisks. Each Colony is connected to CYMA, and has an independent A.I. node - that allows humans to upload their consciousness on a distant homeworld and almost instantly refabricate their bodies at an obelisk lightyears away.

While the Obelisk technology unlocked unlimited potential for space travel, humans quickly learned that there were limits to the human mind's ability to refabricate itself over and over. As a result, many humans tend to stay on the Colonies they've established vs. venturing into more dangerous space.

It's only the brave few that set out to tame the Verge, knowing full-well the risks of becoming Mindless.

The Mindless

Upon death, a person’s consciousness is retrieved from the implant feed at the nearest Obelisk, which is then implanted into a cloned (or refabricated) body. Obelisk travel & refabrication is relatively safe, and most common side-effects can be cured with rest (nausea, fatigue, confusion).

However, over time we have learned that repeated refabrications takes a greater toll on the human psyche than was previously understood. This capacity for the Obelisks to refabricate a human body repeatedly was put to the test as more colonies were formed in dangerous territory.

Eventually, reports from the more hostile colonies on the Verge began to surface of recently-refabricated people losing their humanity and turning unresponsive & violent. Driven on pure instinct, these people eventually came to be known as Mindless.

Currently, there is no known cure.