Season 1: Trappist 1G

Eris stood at the window of her office, staring back at the central column of the Royal Astra from her position on the outer ring. The endless sunset of the tidally-locked Wolf 1061c glinted gold off the monolithic structure, even as the atmosphere within the ring was pitch-black and heavy with evening rain. The Royal Astra went to great pains to maintain an Earth-like day/night cycle. On a planet with no night this was a great selling point.


A blinking red light on the window caught Eris’ attention, and she spun away from the window as the doorway slid open to admit her assistant.

“Your assignment is in.” the woman stated, placing her holo pad on the desk and entering a quick flurry of taps. Eris settled in her seat as the glossy surface of her desk lit up with a series of colonial composite reports. Leaning forward, she pressed a brightly-painted fingernail to the first in a series of spreadsheets and groaned audibly even before the document had finished rendering into its 3D holographic form.

“Fortuna VI?” she muttered dryly, waving the report away. “As inspired as the other five.”

Eris lifted her eyes from a scrolling index of budget allocations, frowning slightly as her assistant smeared her hand heavily across the glass to lift a new report.

“Yeah, well, that’s not the important bit --” the woman’s voice trembled with a hint of nervous excitement “--they found humans.”

That got Eris’ attention. Leaning forward, she zoomed in on a list of names and implant ID #s; scrolling as her assistant continued.

“Only 15 were registered to the original Trappist Prime colony, but the biological footprint the A.I. node picked up seems larger than that. Our assumption is that some unregistered humans exist on the island - most likely the offspring of the original colonists.”

Eris closed her eyes a moment, listening to the distant rumbling of artificial thunder before hissing out a soft curse.


what you know:

The royal astra

  • The Royal Astra’s Vice President of Sector 3, Harlan Natinde, earns his notoriety by purchasing abandoned/failed colonies & scavenging them in the hopes of finding rare or untapped resources. His newest venture, Fortuna VI, entails re-establishing operations on the bones of a failed colony on Trappist 1g

fortuna vi

  • The new colony will be run by Harlan’s Director of Colonial Affairs (DCA) Eris Vane. She, and a small team of soldiers, architects, and scientists, have set out to establish an initial foothold under the watch of the Exosuit Pilot, LS-11 “Roadblock”

Trappist 1g

  • This planet’s first - and only - colony, Trappist Prime, was founded nearly 80 years ago as the rush to settle the Verge was just beginning its frenzied climb. The planet itself was expected to become a fertile, idyllic place; perfect for advancing Genomic research.

Trappist prime

  • Some 30 years back, the Trappist Prime A.I. suddenly went offline. Initial attempts to re-establish connection failed, and it was eventually assumed that the biome must have suffered critical failure. However, in recent years, expanding nearby colonies have managed to restore the link. Reports show that some of the original population survives to this day.