Server Rules

Joining the Server

general RP rules

  • Be good to each other. No racism, homophobia, hate, or anything else that may tear down or marginalize anyone on the server.

  • RP your way. Voice and Text are both equally viable RP options.

  • Keep it IC. All communication in-game through voice and text should be in character. Take OOC communication to discord/steam. No Metagaming!

  • Stay salt-free. Don't take IC actions as OOC insults/slights (and vice versa). This is especially true for PVP. OOC harassment won't be tolerated.

  • Play fair. No using game exploits or cheats to gain an unfair advantage over other players.

  • Don't be a jerk. No griefing, trolling, damaging someone's downed tames, purposefully kiting wild dinos into players/structures, foundation wiping, etc.

Mature Themes

  • This is an 18+ server so RP with mature themes is allowed, but should not be explicitly graphic. - Use your judgement.

  • All parties present must consent to RP with mature themes (maiming, torture, explicit content). If anyone has expressed OOCly that they're uncomfortable with the RP, then you shouldn’t continue with the RP.

  • Turrets and X/Y plants should be used with discretion.

  • Structures and dinos should be reasonable for the size of the tribe and their purpose. Huge, lag-causing fortresses may be removed by admins if it degrades the quality of the server.

  • No blocking entrances to caves with rare resource spawns/artifacts or other community areas.

Building / Creature Rules

Conflict is a big part of the Colony universe, and is an encouraged part of RP on the server.

  • For the Story. PvP and conflict should serve to drive a story and enrich RP for both you and others.
    This means:

    • PVP should always have an RP reason for the conflict.

    • No powergaming (powergaming = forcing actions on others or taking unrealistic/impossible actions to get out of a situation or avoid consequences)

    • Show value for life . Your characters should respond to conflict/danger in a way that's realistic for their personality and the situation

    • Leave breadcrumbs. If you are attacking anonymously, leave clues that will allow players to pursue the story.

    • No logging out during active PvP in order to avoid RP.

  • PVP starts, stops, and ends when it makes sense to in the RP. During an active conflict, both sides can freely engage in PvP.

  • Note: Bystanders that come across PvP run the risk of being brought into the conflict (either intentionally or otherwise) - so be warned!

Conflict & PVP

  • No offline raiding allowed!

  • You must have a valid RP reason in order to raid someone.

  • Don't destroy more than what makes sense for the story and be reasonable about what you destroy (no foundation wiping unless agreed by both parties.)

  • Any dropped materials/objects you don't intend to take should be placed in unlocked storage and not left to expire.


Players/Tribes will begin as part of the Colony. They may opt to remain citizens, or leave and venture into the hostile wilds. 

The Colony

  • Colonists will be given a free bunker hab to help them establish a foothold.

  • CYMA may emerge to retaliate against attacks made on Colonists. Remaining allied with the Colony is recommended for players that want to play less conflict-driven characters. While this will not make you invulnerable, it will help make you a less-attractive target.

  • Players that attack or commit crimes against others may lose their citizenship and potentially have bounties placed against them.

The Wilds

  • Players that opt out (or are forced out) of the Colony will be considered Outcasts.

  • Outcasts will have no Colony protection, and therefore aren't subject to Colony Law. This is great for players that want to play outlaws (bandits, etc)

  • They live in the Hostile Wilds. Wildlife and Mindless attacks, oh my!

Super Secret Password: bumblebee

Colony Protection & The Frontier

When a person dies, their consciousness is returned to their obelisk and their body is refabricated. When you die in RP/PVP, you have two options:

1. Return to your body and RP a permanent injury

  • The injury must be appropriate to the action that caused the death in the first place.

  • Players can opt to take an injury 3 times in their lifetimes.

  • Injuries will persist through refabrications.

  • Players that take a permanent injury cannot initiate PvP for 24 hours.

2. Return your consciousness to the obelisk and refabricate your body.

  • You're gonna feel it. Obelisk healing isn't immediate, so characters that have refabricated must wait 1 hour before initiating PvP.

  • Everything left on your body is forfeit.

  • You can respawn at a nearby obelisk OR just respawn at your bed and RP having found your way home from the obelisk.

  • No wishing for infinite wishes! RP deaths are eventually permanent.

RP Death / Injuries

While the Obelisks allow you to delay perma-killing your characters, it's not without limit. 

  • Players can re-fabricate 3 times in their character's lifetime before things start to get a bit...wonky.


  • After your 3rd refabrication, each player must do a 'mindless roll' in Discord each time they are killed in RP/PvP. To start, you must roll a 3+ (d10) otherwise you become mindless. This number increases by 1 each time you are killed. For example:

    • 3rd death/First roll: 3+

    • 4th death/Second roll: 4+

    • 5th death/Third roll: 5+

    • etc...

  • If you fail your roll, you become mindless. This means that the obelisk has failed to refabricate your body properly, and you have been left missing the crucial elements that make up your humanity - forgetting everything and everyone. At this point, unless you are restrained, you must:

    • Take one set of gear, weapons, and ammo.

    • Put on the yellow glowing eyes skin so you can be clearly identified as mindless.

    • Leave your tribe and all your animals - except one chosen mount.

    • Go on a killing spree - freely attacking anyone that crosses your path without mercy.

  • Once you have died, your character will be unable to respawn at the obelisk (permadeath) and you will need to roll a new character. If you have any remaining injury chances you're free to take them if you want to extend the mindless experience a bit.

  • You can opt to make your character mindless at any point (you don't have to wait for your 3rd death) - but once you become mindless you forfeit any future respawns.

Permadeath & The Mindless