Quick start / FaQ

Below are some lore basics to help you get started! Full Server Lore can be found here.


You are a Colonist - a human who has been transferred to a new settlement via Obelisk travel. Most likely, you came from somewhere on an Origin Planet, but these days there are travelers from Colonies all over the Verge.

When you arrive, you will make the decision to remain in the Colony, or perhaps try your luck in the wilds…

Does my character have to be from an Origin Planet?

No. While the Origin Planets are a good jumping off point for most players who just want to get started, the universe is vast so your character can come from any number of colonies on the Verge.

(See ‘Creating Colonies 101’)

Can I come from a previous season?

Yep! You can have characters from any playable Colonies we've had seasons on. Make sure you brush up on the season lore if you want to come from a played Colony.

What's the current technology level?

Everything available in game (up to and including tek tier). If you want to add new technology to the lore, just talk to staff! Current lore technology can be found here.

Additionally, all Colonies in the universe have a resident A.I. known as a CYMA node. CYMA is the underpinning of the Obelisks, helping facilitate communication and transport along with the Colonies’ resident A.I. systems.

In-game, the A.I.s are used for stuff like spawning items, dinos, and travel between obelisks/islands.

Birth and Aging

When humans are born, they must be registered at the obelisk and receive their implant. If they die before this is accomplished, they are NOT able to be refabricated.

Humans age as normal, though technology and medicine have slowed the aging process so the average human lifespan is between 110-130 years.


When you die, your body is refabricated at the nearest Obelisk and your consciousness is implanted into your new body. Healed scars/injuries will persist through refabrications.

However, refabricating takes a toll on the human psyche. Over time, your character may run the risk of becoming Mindless

Are child characters allowed?

Yes - but you may not actively play a child character under the age of 16.

Children will age based on ARK calendar days - there is no rapid aging or timeskips between seasons unless stated by lore.