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Sulfur Springs - Luyten b (Scorched Earth)

[Incoming Transmission // D.C.A. ERIS.VANE]

--{It’s that time of year again: The Origin Games are upon us. Given Fortuna VI’s status as a Royal Astra affiliate, we will be the proud hosts of our sector’s Origin Games Qualifiers. Should any of you wish to compete, now is the time to start honing your skills!
I am adding new coordinates to our CYMA map that will connect us to a Colony on Luyten b. There’s an old mining town there that is a rumored stop of the famed Li Tang Night Market. With luck, you should be able to find rare specimens and supplies that may give you an edge in the coming trials.
It goes without saying that becoming a champion of the Origin Games would bring considerable prestige to both yourselves and our Colony, so you have my backing in this endeavour.
Best of luck to you all - Eris}

**Attached is a loud, colorful banner emblazoned with a sparkling Royal Astra emblem. Peppy, upbeat trumpet music filters through the speakers.**


Prepare yourselves for thrilling feats and edge-of-your-seat action!



Local qualifying events will be hosted galaxy-wide - keep an eye on your holonet for announcements from your nearest arena!


ELIGIBILITY: Participants must be over the age of 18. Prizes must be claimed by the winner within 30 days of winning or their title will be forfeit. Any local or planetary taxes are the sole responsibility of the winner. Winner acknowledges that The Royal Astra shall have the right to publicize their name, likeness, and voice to promote their participation in the contest. The Royal Astra and its subsidiaries, affiliates and agents are not responsible for any negligence, claims, liability, injury, death, property loss or other damage of contest entrants arising from or in connection with the prizes awarded or participation in this Contest.

OOC: What You Know

The Origin Games

The Origin Games is an annual festival hosted by the Royal Astra. Split into three segments: Red, Blue & Green, it is a celebration of humanity’s galactic expansion via obelisk travel, and the bravery of Colonists & Forerunners alike.  (Think Olympics meets Hunger Games)

All competitors need to prove their worth by first winning a qualifying match in one of 3 categories: Knowledge, Exploration, or Combat. Events in these categories harken back to the wit, spirit, and bravery the original Forerunners were known for.

If a competitor passes the qualifying round, they can gather & turn in the needed artifacts/tributes to compete in a Boss Arena. If you emerge victorious, you’ll receive a hefty reward & swanky new discord title!

  • Any Alpha boss = Ruby Champion  - 10,000 ARc / Level 300 griffin

  • Any Beta boss = Sapphire Champion - 5,000 ARc / 300 shoulder pet

  • Any Gamma boss = Emerald Champion - 1,000 ARc / Free dino paint / Free dino hunt

  • Wild Card = A person that does all 3 Island Alpha bosses / Level 500 phoenix

Note: Your characters cannot claim to be Origin Games champions unless you’ve actually won during the event! You can claim to be related to past champions, however.

Fighting a boss is held in a virtual arena. You upload your character & your dinos, and the data is used to spawn in a likenesses that you use during the competition. In true Royal Astra fashion - even competition at this level has an element of risk. Any dinos and items you enter the arena with become part of your entry wager:

  • You win: All living dinos are refabricated & gear on your person is returned to you.

  • You lose: You forfeit all dino & item data to the Astra. You get nothing.

Li Tang Night Market

The Li Tang Night Market is a traveling merchant troupe that moves between planets in the Verge. A shadowy and mysterious venture; they are known to sell rare goods, art, artifacts - and secrets. While their route frequently changes, those with underworld connections can usually find where the Night Market will next appear. Though seekers should move quickly, for the Night Market never stays in one place for long…

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