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Server Update!

What is Staff’s role?

  • Remember, staff members are players too. People that are helping out as staff are volunteers (not employees) & we’re respectful of the time/effort that they’re donating. This means:

    • Admins are not expected to be 100% available to answer questions or help you out in-game whenever they’re signed in. They are here to RP & enjoy the game like everyone else.

      • Note: For time-sensitive things (ie. you get stuck/lose your stuff to a bug) we’ll do our best to help out quickly - but they may not always be available!

  • Similarly, treat crew members with the same respect you would treat any of your friends. Being overly argumentative or disrespectful in chat & other interactions isn’t something anyone should have to deal with and is not welcome on this server.

  • At times, Staff may be playing characters that fill specific lore functions. This means they may have access to things the rest of the players do not, but it’s always done for specific lore reasons & in service to a broader story.

  • Overall, we are here to help push RP and make the server a more enjoyable place. Have an idea for an event, or want to deepen your character’s story? Come talk to us!

  • As always, all complaints go to Valharroth!

Mod & Item Changes

  • Mailbox & Transmitters have been disabled. - While convenient for transfers, players have been using these in borderline-cheaty ways (uploading gathered resources so they don’t have to use dinos & get around the carry limit, spawning dinos into places they shouldn’t be, etc.)  

  • Some TC Packs have changed based on feedback & rp.

    • Making all DLC item blueprints available (some, like ammo and structures could not be made into blueprints in TC, so you will have to rely on going to the DLC maps/RP to get that.)

    • Removing some of the ‘resource’ packs - we want to retain value for players that collect/trade these on their own

    • Changing how dino packs work

  • Note: We will be reducing the amount of passive currency players earn once we implement more ways to gather currency through roleplay.

  • We’ve decided not to add any additional mods at this time. We think the current list is significant as-is. Some specifics:

    • Spyglass: Too buggy & metagamey

    • Random Encounters: We think we have enough PVE content atm, but we will consider this down the line

IC Requisitions

In order to help with staff load (and add some more RP) - some staff requests will be handled by an in-character requisition form.
Stuff that can be requisitioned:

  • Dino Packs

  • Eggs

  • Element Exchange

How it works

  1. Fill out the requisition form: (coming soon!)

  2. Once the order has been filled, you’ll be able to pick up your items/dinos at a specified locker at the A.I. Staff will notify you once your order has been filled.

Element Exchange

  • Element exchange is only available on the rotation map.

  • Requisition boxes will be available for you to deposit your element (in denominations of 20). Fill out the requisition form & select ‘element exchange’ - we’ll give you your box code!

  • Element will be exchanged every Sunday. Element will be converted to ARc credits at the same rate as buyable element.

Rule Clarifications

  • Looting Sleeping Bodies - If you come across a sleeping body, you can loot anything except equipped armor. Lock up your things if you don’t want them stolen!

    • Note: If someone has obviously disconnected or we’re having other server issues (crashes/rollbacks) - don’t be a jerk rule applies. Leave their stuff alone, unless you’re in an active PvP situation.

  • Offline Raiding

    • No offline raiding of bases allowed. A base = any secured building owned by an offline or inactive player.

    • Note: Locked boxes or dead/sleeping bodies not in a secured building are free for looting/blowing open - and do not count as offline raiding.

  • Picking up players with flyers is allowed in PvP. There are tons of in-game solutions for dealing with flyers (especially with tek armor) - so we don’t feel this level of oversight is necessary for now.

  • PvP rules/restrictions can be ignored if agreed upon by both parties

RP Conflict Guidelines

  • All conflict & pvp on the server should be driven by RP only. What this means:

    • No raiding someone just because you want their stuff OOCly (or coming up with flimsy RP excuses to do so).

    • There should be a logical RP build-up to the conflict, and the actions taken should make sense for the story

    • PVP/Hostile actions should be reasonable for the story & character motivations. (how much you destroy/what you take/etc.)

  • When pvp happens, follow the RP. All conflict should be resolved in-character & in-game. No OOC hate.

TC Pack List

OOC Packages

  • Painting 300 - A single admin paint of any one animal. Notify a staff member of which animal and what colours/regions, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

  • DLC blueprints 0 - All DLC unique items/saddles. Baseline, always available.

  • Dino scan 300 - Pick 1 animal which we will scan for and give you the coordinates to the top 3 levels of that animal.


  • DLC animal 5000 - Spawns in any one of: Crab or Basilisk. Managarmr or Gacha. Rock Golem or Fire Wyvern. These will only be available after each corresponding DLC map for about a week.

  • 5 Eggs 300 - 5 eggs of your choice.

IC Starter Packages

  • Colonist Kit 100 - Buys a set of tools and hide armor.

  • Bunker Hab 100 - Buys you one full bunker.

  • Combat Specialist 2000 - A full set of riot, assault rifle with 200 rounds, shield and grenades.

  • Model-5 Pilot Pack 2200 - AWM mech with plasma cannons, and a weak set of flak.

  • Engineer Pack 2000 - AWM fabricator, mech armor and weapons.

  • Arms Dealer Pack 2000 - Fabricator, upgrade station and a variety of blueprints.

  • Scientist Pack 2000 - Chemistry tables, hazard suit and generator.

  • Scout Pack 2000 - Ghillie, raptor and longneck.

  • Agriculturalist pack 2000 - Crop plots, generator, refrigerator, windmill and trike.

IC Misc. Packages

  • ARc credits. 1 of each type, price dependant on type.

  • Element - 20x

  • Wyvern/Rock Drake Baby Food

  • Propellant

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