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The Awakening City

The megastructures of Trappist 1F stood quietly beyond the ever faint ripples of power running through the proverbials veins, keeping it running if though barely. Its main defences had long since failed, leaving but a few automatons to scout and fight a futile battle against the encroaching wildlife. Roots and moss had conquered most of the place by the time the first shuttle arrived. Little changed, upon arrival of explorers from 1G - It was business as usual. 

Until the invaders tampered with the auxiliary weapons platforms, at least. 


The explosion lasted for one brilliant moment of impressive firepower, sending mek pieces hurtling throughout the desert and atop its plateau, leaving very little pieces to scavenge. Moments later, an automatic query surged through the defensive net, and the city thrummed to life. It peaked for a second at top power, as if the very walls of the city took its first life-giving breath and then exhaled, settling into a subtle, yet markedly stronger output of unseen generators. 

Pieces of old, dilapidated walls crumbled to reveal unseen crevices, wires and broken down metal shards shifting, coiling and moving as if alive. The whirring scouts flying all over the inner and outer sanctuary suddenly perked up, darting and buzzing with stronger intent as a single, all-encompassing message passed throughout their networks. "Protect".

Earlier Event: November 11
TRAPPIST-1F (Extinction)
Later Event: November 18
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