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TRAPPIST-1F (Extinction)

--{Attention Colonists:

Trappist 1F will soon be entering into shuttle range. While our maps designate 1F as an uninhabited planet; early Forerunner reports have indicated the presence of obelisk technology, and we are launching a team to investigate. Any Colonists willing to lend their manpower towards our efforts will be adequately compensated.

We will be opening a secure #holonet channel - please use this channel to communicate & report any intel or anomalies.’

//[012-2203] VANE.ERIS


  • The shuttle landing is near the Sanctuary East spawnpoint: 51.7, 58.4

  • New technology (scouts, mek, cryopods) should be treated as unfamiliar - and you should properly RP out discovering/reverse engineering & creating them.

  • Enforcers are currently disabled and will be unlocked via lore events (keep an eye on the #holonet!)

  • The AWM mech mod is disabled on Extinction because of the upload/download issues

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Later Event: November 14
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