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The Expedition

Fortuna VI - D.C.A Office

Lights blinked quietly inside the D.C.A’s office; the holo table’s projection screen spreading an artificial glow against the walls of the dimly-lit bunker hab.

“Eris, this is ridiculous” a man’s voice cut sharply out from the screen. Harlan Natinde. The mid-level VP of the Royal Astra was currently in the middle of giving Eris a thorough dressing-down.; his annoyance at their dwindling budget was resoundingly clear.

Eris winced. “I understand, Sir, but I think investing in short-term research is crucial to ensure the long-term stability of our investment. I just need--”

“No.” Harlan interrupted.” What you need is to start turning a profit. Yesterday. I don’t want to hear any more about you wasting time with the old Trappist Prime archives - is that clear?”

Eris felt the blood start to pound in her ears. She’d been discreet in filing for replacement A.I. override codes. *Apparently not discreet enough,* she thought.

“B-but Sir--” Eris started, her knuckles gripping white around her clipboard.

“Don’t disappoint me, Eris.” The tone brought her up short, and she sat starting at the idle, spinning holo-globe as the connection abruptly ended.

She spun away, running her fingers through her chin-length aqua hair. Outside the hab, her bio-mechanical rex chuffed. She caught a glimpse of one of its impressive (read: expensive) haunches as it dipped to take another mouthful of slop from its trough.

Behind her, the holoscreen chirped to life, blinking urgently with an incoming transmission. She braced herself a moment before turning to see what fresh hell Harlan was about to unleash on her - then froze.


She blinked a moment, her brain adjusting to the unfamiliar heading. 1F? She thought, her left hand deftly waving across the table to summon up a model of their Trappist-1 system. But this was supposed to be a dead world?

Something pricked at the back of her neck as she opened the transmission.


Some time later, visitors to Fortuna VI might have seen the Colony burst into a flurry of of activity, with LS-11 “Roadblock” calling out orders at the helm. It’s clear an expedition was underway and - by the looks of it - they were in a hurry.


  • Trappist 1F - was supposedly an uncolonized planet in the Trappist-1 system. However, early Forerunner reports detect obelisk technology. The condition of the surface is unknown.

  • Given the lack of appropriate intel, LS-11 “Roadblock” is preparing to mount an exploratory venture onto the surface. Your safety cannot be guaranteed.

  • You arrive by shuttle. As you exit the ship, you see the gargantuan remnants of an established city-complex. Despite being a dilapidated ruin, some of the early automatons still function though they are of an unknown design.

    ((OOC: The Extinction meks are unfamiliar technology. We expect you to properly RP out finding/reverse engineering/creating one))

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