Sulfur Springs - Luyten b (Scorched Earth)
to Jan 6

Sulfur Springs - Luyten b (Scorched Earth)

[Incoming Transmission // D.C.A. ERIS.VANE]

--{It’s that time of year again: The Origin Games are upon us. Given Fortuna VI’s status as a Royal Astra affiliate, we will be the proud hosts of our sector’s Origin Games Qualifiers. Should any of you wish to compete, now is the time to start honing your skills!
I am adding new coordinates to our CYMA map that will connect us to a Colony on Luyten b. There’s an old mining town there that is a rumored stop of the famed Li Tang Night Market. With luck, you should be able to find rare specimens and supplies that may give you an edge in the coming trials.
It goes without saying that becoming a champion of the Origin Games would bring considerable prestige to both yourselves and our Colony, so you have my backing in this endeavour.
Best of luck to you all - Eris}

**Attached is a loud, colorful banner emblazoned with a sparkling Royal Astra emblem. Peppy, upbeat trumpet music filters through the speakers.**


Prepare yourselves for thrilling feats and edge-of-your-seat action!



Local qualifying events will be hosted galaxy-wide - keep an eye on your holonet for announcements from your nearest arena!


ELIGIBILITY: Participants must be over the age of 18. Prizes must be claimed by the winner within 30 days of winning or their title will be forfeit. Any local or planetary taxes are the sole responsibility of the winner. Winner acknowledges that The Royal Astra shall have the right to publicize their name, likeness, and voice to promote their participation in the contest. The Royal Astra and its subsidiaries, affiliates and agents are not responsible for any negligence, claims, liability, injury, death, property loss or other damage of contest entrants arising from or in connection with the prizes awarded or participation in this Contest.

OOC: What You Know

The Origin Games

The Origin Games is an annual festival hosted by the Royal Astra. Split into three segments: Red, Blue & Green, it is a celebration of humanity’s galactic expansion via obelisk travel, and the bravery of Colonists & Forerunners alike.  (Think Olympics meets Hunger Games)

All competitors need to prove their worth by first winning a qualifying match in one of 3 categories: Knowledge, Exploration, or Combat. Events in these categories harken back to the wit, spirit, and bravery the original Forerunners were known for.

If a competitor passes the qualifying round, they can gather & turn in the needed artifacts/tributes to compete in a Boss Arena. If you emerge victorious, you’ll receive a hefty reward & swanky new discord title!

  • Any Alpha boss = Ruby Champion  - 10,000 ARc / Level 300 griffin

  • Any Beta boss = Sapphire Champion - 5,000 ARc / 300 shoulder pet

  • Any Gamma boss = Emerald Champion - 1,000 ARc / Free dino paint / Free dino hunt

  • Wild Card = A person that does all 3 Island Alpha bosses / Level 500 phoenix

Note: Your characters cannot claim to be Origin Games champions unless you’ve actually won during the event! You can claim to be related to past champions, however.

Fighting a boss is held in a virtual arena. You upload your character & your dinos, and the data is used to spawn in a likenesses that you use during the competition. In true Royal Astra fashion - even competition at this level has an element of risk. Any dinos and items you enter the arena with become part of your entry wager:

  • You win: All living dinos are refabricated & gear on your person is returned to you.

  • You lose: You forfeit all dino & item data to the Astra. You get nothing.

Li Tang Night Market

The Li Tang Night Market is a traveling merchant troupe that moves between planets in the Verge. A shadowy and mysterious venture; they are known to sell rare goods, art, artifacts - and secrets. While their route frequently changes, those with underworld connections can usually find where the Night Market will next appear. Though seekers should move quickly, for the Night Market never stays in one place for long…

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1:30 PM13:30

Server Update!

What is Staff’s role?

  • Remember, staff members are players too. People that are helping out as staff are volunteers (not employees) & we’re respectful of the time/effort that they’re donating. This means:

    • Admins are not expected to be 100% available to answer questions or help you out in-game whenever they’re signed in. They are here to RP & enjoy the game like everyone else.

      • Note: For time-sensitive things (ie. you get stuck/lose your stuff to a bug) we’ll do our best to help out quickly - but they may not always be available!

  • Similarly, treat crew members with the same respect you would treat any of your friends. Being overly argumentative or disrespectful in chat & other interactions isn’t something anyone should have to deal with and is not welcome on this server.

  • At times, Staff may be playing characters that fill specific lore functions. This means they may have access to things the rest of the players do not, but it’s always done for specific lore reasons & in service to a broader story.

  • Overall, we are here to help push RP and make the server a more enjoyable place. Have an idea for an event, or want to deepen your character’s story? Come talk to us!

  • As always, all complaints go to Valharroth!

Mod & Item Changes

  • Mailbox & Transmitters have been disabled. - While convenient for transfers, players have been using these in borderline-cheaty ways (uploading gathered resources so they don’t have to use dinos & get around the carry limit, spawning dinos into places they shouldn’t be, etc.)  

  • Some TC Packs have changed based on feedback & rp.

    • Making all DLC item blueprints available (some, like ammo and structures could not be made into blueprints in TC, so you will have to rely on going to the DLC maps/RP to get that.)

    • Removing some of the ‘resource’ packs - we want to retain value for players that collect/trade these on their own

    • Changing how dino packs work

  • Note: We will be reducing the amount of passive currency players earn once we implement more ways to gather currency through roleplay.

  • We’ve decided not to add any additional mods at this time. We think the current list is significant as-is. Some specifics:

    • Spyglass: Too buggy & metagamey

    • Random Encounters: We think we have enough PVE content atm, but we will consider this down the line

IC Requisitions

In order to help with staff load (and add some more RP) - some staff requests will be handled by an in-character requisition form.
Stuff that can be requisitioned:

  • Dino Packs

  • Eggs

  • Element Exchange

How it works

  1. Fill out the requisition form: (coming soon!)

  2. Once the order has been filled, you’ll be able to pick up your items/dinos at a specified locker at the A.I. Staff will notify you once your order has been filled.

Element Exchange

  • Element exchange is only available on the rotation map.

  • Requisition boxes will be available for you to deposit your element (in denominations of 20). Fill out the requisition form & select ‘element exchange’ - we’ll give you your box code!

  • Element will be exchanged every Sunday. Element will be converted to ARc credits at the same rate as buyable element.

Rule Clarifications

  • Looting Sleeping Bodies - If you come across a sleeping body, you can loot anything except equipped armor. Lock up your things if you don’t want them stolen!

    • Note: If someone has obviously disconnected or we’re having other server issues (crashes/rollbacks) - don’t be a jerk rule applies. Leave their stuff alone, unless you’re in an active PvP situation.

  • Offline Raiding

    • No offline raiding of bases allowed. A base = any secured building owned by an offline or inactive player.

    • Note: Locked boxes or dead/sleeping bodies not in a secured building are free for looting/blowing open - and do not count as offline raiding.

  • Picking up players with flyers is allowed in PvP. There are tons of in-game solutions for dealing with flyers (especially with tek armor) - so we don’t feel this level of oversight is necessary for now.

  • PvP rules/restrictions can be ignored if agreed upon by both parties

RP Conflict Guidelines

  • All conflict & pvp on the server should be driven by RP only. What this means:

    • No raiding someone just because you want their stuff OOCly (or coming up with flimsy RP excuses to do so).

    • There should be a logical RP build-up to the conflict, and the actions taken should make sense for the story

    • PVP/Hostile actions should be reasonable for the story & character motivations. (how much you destroy/what you take/etc.)

  • When pvp happens, follow the RP. All conflict should be resolved in-character & in-game. No OOC hate.

TC Pack List

OOC Packages

  • Painting 300 - A single admin paint of any one animal. Notify a staff member of which animal and what colours/regions, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

  • DLC blueprints 0 - All DLC unique items/saddles. Baseline, always available.

  • Dino scan 300 - Pick 1 animal which we will scan for and give you the coordinates to the top 3 levels of that animal.


  • DLC animal 5000 - Spawns in any one of: Crab or Basilisk. Managarmr or Gacha. Rock Golem or Fire Wyvern. These will only be available after each corresponding DLC map for about a week.

  • 5 Eggs 300 - 5 eggs of your choice.

IC Starter Packages

  • Colonist Kit 100 - Buys a set of tools and hide armor.

  • Bunker Hab 100 - Buys you one full bunker.

  • Combat Specialist 2000 - A full set of riot, assault rifle with 200 rounds, shield and grenades.

  • Model-5 Pilot Pack 2200 - AWM mech with plasma cannons, and a weak set of flak.

  • Engineer Pack 2000 - AWM fabricator, mech armor and weapons.

  • Arms Dealer Pack 2000 - Fabricator, upgrade station and a variety of blueprints.

  • Scientist Pack 2000 - Chemistry tables, hazard suit and generator.

  • Scout Pack 2000 - Ghillie, raptor and longneck.

  • Agriculturalist pack 2000 - Crop plots, generator, refrigerator, windmill and trike.

IC Misc. Packages

  • ARc credits. 1 of each type, price dependant on type.

  • Element - 20x

  • Wyvern/Rock Drake Baby Food

  • Propellant

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1:30 PM13:30

The Awakening City

The megastructures of Trappist 1F stood quietly beyond the ever faint ripples of power running through the proverbials veins, keeping it running if though barely. Its main defences had long since failed, leaving but a few automatons to scout and fight a futile battle against the encroaching wildlife. Roots and moss had conquered most of the place by the time the first shuttle arrived. Little changed, upon arrival of explorers from 1G - It was business as usual. 

Until the invaders tampered with the auxiliary weapons platforms, at least. 


The explosion lasted for one brilliant moment of impressive firepower, sending mek pieces hurtling throughout the desert and atop its plateau, leaving very little pieces to scavenge. Moments later, an automatic query surged through the defensive net, and the city thrummed to life. It peaked for a second at top power, as if the very walls of the city took its first life-giving breath and then exhaled, settling into a subtle, yet markedly stronger output of unseen generators. 

Pieces of old, dilapidated walls crumbled to reveal unseen crevices, wires and broken down metal shards shifting, coiling and moving as if alive. The whirring scouts flying all over the inner and outer sanctuary suddenly perked up, darting and buzzing with stronger intent as a single, all-encompassing message passed throughout their networks. "Protect".

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TRAPPIST-1F (Extinction)
to Dec 8

TRAPPIST-1F (Extinction)

--{Attention Colonists:

Trappist 1F will soon be entering into shuttle range. While our maps designate 1F as an uninhabited planet; early Forerunner reports have indicated the presence of obelisk technology, and we are launching a team to investigate. Any Colonists willing to lend their manpower towards our efforts will be adequately compensated.

We will be opening a secure #holonet channel - please use this channel to communicate & report any intel or anomalies.’

//[012-2203] VANE.ERIS


  • The shuttle landing is near the Sanctuary East spawnpoint: 51.7, 58.4

  • New technology (scouts, mek, cryopods) should be treated as unfamiliar - and you should properly RP out discovering/reverse engineering & creating them.

  • Enforcers are currently disabled and will be unlocked via lore events (keep an eye on the #holonet!)

  • The AWM mech mod is disabled on Extinction because of the upload/download issues

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The Expedition
2:00 PM14:00

The Expedition

Fortuna VI - D.C.A Office

Lights blinked quietly inside the D.C.A’s office; the holo table’s projection screen spreading an artificial glow against the walls of the dimly-lit bunker hab.

“Eris, this is ridiculous” a man’s voice cut sharply out from the screen. Harlan Natinde. The mid-level VP of the Royal Astra was currently in the middle of giving Eris a thorough dressing-down.; his annoyance at their dwindling budget was resoundingly clear.

Eris winced. “I understand, Sir, but I think investing in short-term research is crucial to ensure the long-term stability of our investment. I just need--”

“No.” Harlan interrupted.” What you need is to start turning a profit. Yesterday. I don’t want to hear any more about you wasting time with the old Trappist Prime archives - is that clear?”

Eris felt the blood start to pound in her ears. She’d been discreet in filing for replacement A.I. override codes. *Apparently not discreet enough,* she thought.

“B-but Sir--” Eris started, her knuckles gripping white around her clipboard.

“Don’t disappoint me, Eris.” The tone brought her up short, and she sat starting at the idle, spinning holo-globe as the connection abruptly ended.

She spun away, running her fingers through her chin-length aqua hair. Outside the hab, her bio-mechanical rex chuffed. She caught a glimpse of one of its impressive (read: expensive) haunches as it dipped to take another mouthful of slop from its trough.

Behind her, the holoscreen chirped to life, blinking urgently with an incoming transmission. She braced herself a moment before turning to see what fresh hell Harlan was about to unleash on her - then froze.


She blinked a moment, her brain adjusting to the unfamiliar heading. 1F? She thought, her left hand deftly waving across the table to summon up a model of their Trappist-1 system. But this was supposed to be a dead world?

Something pricked at the back of her neck as she opened the transmission.


Some time later, visitors to Fortuna VI might have seen the Colony burst into a flurry of of activity, with LS-11 “Roadblock” calling out orders at the helm. It’s clear an expedition was underway and - by the looks of it - they were in a hurry.


  • Trappist 1F - was supposedly an uncolonized planet in the Trappist-1 system. However, early Forerunner reports detect obelisk technology. The condition of the surface is unknown.

  • Given the lack of appropriate intel, LS-11 “Roadblock” is preparing to mount an exploratory venture onto the surface. Your safety cannot be guaranteed.

  • You arrive by shuttle. As you exit the ship, you see the gargantuan remnants of an established city-complex. Despite being a dilapidated ruin, some of the early automatons still function though they are of an unknown design.

    ((OOC: The Extinction meks are unfamiliar technology. We expect you to properly RP out finding/reverse engineering/creating one))

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Trappist 1h (Aberration)
to Nov 6

Trappist 1h (Aberration)


—{Attention Colonists:

We’ve received word that Trappist 1h will be entering shuttle-range on its orbital path in the coming days. According to recent Forerunner reports, previous colonial efforts have rendered Trappist 1h capable of supporting life, though it is not recommended that you remain exposed to the atmosphere for any great length of time.

However, this is a fortuitous opportunity. Trappist 1h is a resource-rich planet, so we are requisitioning a transport shuttle from the Royal Astra that can take us to the surface. This shuttle will be available for Colonist use as long as the window remains open. We will embark from Fortuna VI at earliest light.

The STS Traveler shuttle will come equipped with primitive bio-data storage facilities. If you perish within range of the shuttle, you will be able to refabricate once the ship returns to Fortuna VI. Regardless, it is advised that Colonists exercise *extreme caution* when exploring the surface of Trappist 1h.


// [012-2203] VANE.ERIS


  • The shuttle landing is near the Portal spawnpoint: 49.4 24.7

  • Aberration will only be up until Extinction comes out, so we’ve placed some boxes with free hazmat suits near the teleporter to make your progression a bit easier. Please leave some for others!

  • Some large mods have been disabled to make loading aberration faster (futurism, radtools, etc.)

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