About us

ARK:Frontier - is a fresh ARK:Survival Evolved RP-PVP Sever (US)

We offer boosted rates, customization options, and quality of life improvements that let you focus on the roleplay instead of the grind.

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Immersive lore

ARK:Frontier is set in a dirty sci-fi universe (think Firefly!) with stories waiting to be shaped by the players. Our unique lore & pop-up events help create a living, breathing world where nothing is untouchable. 

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rules / whitelisting

We think the rules shouldn’t get in the way of good RP stories. Our rules are simple and focus on intent instead of ruleplay.

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Banner for ARK:Frontier RP - Season 1 (Extinction) - (v286.104)

Banner for ARK:Frontier - Pre-Season Beta (RP-PVP Cluster) - (v284.104)

MOd List

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Profiles & Events

Character & tribe profiles, Colony lore, and player-run events. Go to Forums →