Creating Colonies 101

  • If you make a custom Colony, remember to add it to the ‘The Verge’ section of the forums!

  • Multiple Colonies can be started on a single planet, so your Colony can exist either on a brand-new planet, or as a separate Colony one of our Season’s planets.

  • No magic or technology not currently available in lore/in game. (Talk to staff if you're not sure if something fits!)

  • The Colony would be established the same way as all the others - terraformed by obelisks, be connected to CYMA via a resident A.I. node, and operate within the same bounds for travel.

  • No aliens/strange wildlife outside of lore.

  • No ancient civilizations - the oldest Colonies would be less than 100 years old. (2680 - 2781)

  • Bad things can happen. The universe is dangerous, so it’s not unheard of that Colonies can/will fail.

Colony Lore Template

Colony Name:


Settlement Date:



Notable Figures (Optional):

Trade/Exports (Optional):

Open for travel? (Y/N):

If no, why?: